2.3.7. Create a Pop-up Screen

This section describes how to create a pop-up screen based on an example application.

The pop-up screen is not created in a separate window as described Creating a button/link to open a separate window/tab (pop-up), but in a dialog format.

Description of the function to be created
  1. Click the Change(変更) button on the Project Details screen.
  1. Click the search button in the client field.
  1. The client search screen is displayed in a dialog. Click the search(検索) button.
  1. Click the client ID link in the search results.
  1. The client search screen is closed, and the selected values are set to the client ID and client name on the project change screen.
../../../../../_images/popup-complete.png Display a pop-up (dialog) screen

The pop-up (dialog) display is realized using OSS (Bootstrap). For more information, see Bootstrap documentation (external site) .

This completes the explanation of the pop-up screen.

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