Nablarch Concept


Robustness is the ability to minimize damage and loss, and keep functioning in response to various changes such as environmental changes, external attacks and internal errors. The term “robustness” in Nablarch also implies that it can be used for a long time, in addition to meaning that it is resistant to malfunctions with stable security. Nablarch can be used for a long time as a platform for developing and executing applications for corporate information systems due to its robustness characteristic.


High reliability is required for corporate information systems, including core systems, and various tests must be carried out during development. Nablarch is designed with emphasis on testability (easy to test) and provides mechanisms that enable testing with various processing architectures and various granularities, such as various drivers, mocks and automated test frameworks.


Corporate information systems require many functions, and developing from scratch involves significant cost and time to build the system. However, for responding to a rapidly changing business environment, it is necessary to construct systems in the shortest duration and highest quality. For achieving this, it is important to reuse proven parts. Nablarch is able to meet these needs by providing content that can be reused in a “ready-to-use” state, such as frameworks, adapters for adapting to frequently used middleware [1] and environments where inexperienced people can start developing immediately.

[1]Apache Log4j, IBM MQ, etc.