4.1.2. JSP Static Analysis Tool Configuration Change Guide

This section describes how to change the settings of JSP Static Analysis Tool. Prerequisites

  • Generation of a blank project from the archetype must be complete. Structure of configuration file

The structure of the configuration file is shown in the table below.

File name Description
pom.xml Perform the configuration required for startup and jspanalysis.excludePatterns.
tools/nablarch-tools.xml Check the Ant task definition file [1] . Usually it need not be edited
tools/static-analysis/jspanalysis/config.txt JSP static analysis tool configuration file. Refer to How to write the JSP static analysis tool configuration file for the description method
tools/static-analysis/jspanalysis/transform-to-html.xsl Definition file for converting JSP static analysis result XML to HTML.
Refer to “JSP Analysis (XML Report Output)” in How to check the output result for the description method.
Pom.xml of nablarch-archetype-parent Perform the configuration other than jspanalysis.excludePatterns
[1]It exists because Ant is used internally. The user usually doesn’t become aware of it because it is executed via Maven. Rewriting pom.xml

When modifying properties for the JSP static analysis tool according to the execution environment, if there are modifications to jspanalysis.excludePatterns, modify the pom.xml of the project that executes the tool. When other items are to be modified, modify pom.xml of nablarch-archetype-parent.

Configuration property Description

Configure the target JSP directory path or file path.

Configure the directory when batch check is to be done
like the CI environment.



If a directory is specified, the check is performed recursively.


Configure the output path of XML report file of check results.



Configure the output path of HTML report file of check results.



Configure the file path of the JSP static analysis tool configuration file.



Configure the character code of the JSP file to be checked.



Configure the line feed code used
in the check target JSP file.



Configure the XSLT file path for converting the XML
of the check results to HTML file.



Configure the filename extension of the JSP file to be checked.

Configure the filename extension of the JSP file to be checked. When multiple filename extensions are to be specified, they must be separated with commas (,). Regardless of the configuration value that is configured, files with the extension jsp are always checked.


jspanalysis.excludePatterns [2]

Configure the directory (file) name to be excluded from the check
with a regular expression.

When multiple patterns are to be configured, specify them with comma(,) separator.


[2]This setting is commented out by default. While using this configuration, uncomment pom.xml and nablarch-tools.xml in the tools directory.


The file path (directory path) can also be specified as an absolute path.