7.10. Input Value Check

Provides a function to verify whether the user input value sent from the client or the value sent by an external system through an inter-system link is appropriate.

Input value check performs the following.

  • Checks if the input value is a valid format (for example, checks the number of digits and character type)
  • Checks if the input value matches the system status (for example, check of duplicate account registration)

For the method of defining the message displayed when an error occurs during input value check, see Message Management.

Nablarch offers two types of validation functions:

Input value can be checked by using any one of the functions, but it is recommended to use the Java EE7-compliant function for the following reasons.

  • Bean Validation is specified in Java EE and extensive information is available.
  • Developers do not have to learn how to use the independent validation of Nablarch.


Refer to Comparison of Function between Bean Validation and Nablarch Validation for the difference between the functions provided by Bean Validation and Nablarch Validation.