6.2.7. Nablarch Custom Tag Control Handler

This handler performs request processing required for Nablarch JSP Custom Tags.

This handler performs the following processes.


In the case of GET request, hidden parameter is not output in the custom tag. Refer to Using GET request for the reason why hidden parameters are not output.

In accordance with the custom tag, this handler also does not perform the process related to the hidden parameter in the case of GET request, but only restores the composite key.

The process flow is as follows.

../../../../_images/NablarchTagHandler_flow.png Module list

</dependency> Constraints

Configure this handler after the Multipart Request Handler
This handler is used to access request parameters in the request process required for the JSP Custom Tags.
When using hidden encryption, configure this handler after the Thread Context Variable Management Handler
To acquire the request ID from the thread context to determine whether the request is a hidden encryption target. Configure the error page when decryption fails (tampering error, session invalidation error)

Decryption process of hidden encryption may fail in the following two cases. For the tampering determination criteria, see decryption process.

  • If the encrypted data has been tampered with (tampering error)
  • If the key used for decryption cannot be obtained from the session (session invalidation error)

The error page and status code when an error occurs can be specified in the configuration of NablarchTagHandler.

<component name="nablarchTagHandler"
    Configuration when a tampering error occurs
  <property name="path" value="/TAMPERING-DETECTED.jsp" />
  <property name="statusCode" value="400" />
    Configuration when session invalidation error occurs
    If omitted, the configuration of tampering error is used.
  <property name="sessionExpirePath" value="/SESSION-EXPIRED.jsp" />
  <property name="sessionExpireStatusCode" value="400" />