6.8.1. Messaging Context Management Handler

This handler manages the MQ connection on the thread for use by the subsequent handler and library.

For details of MOM messaging, see Intersystem Messaging .

This handler performs the following processes.

  • Gets MQ connection
  • Releases MQ connection

The process flow is as follows.

../../../../_images/MessagingContextHandler_flow.png Module list

</dependency> Configure the connection destination of MQ

This handler acquires the MQ connection using the provider class ( MessagingProvider implementation class) configured in the messagingProvider property.

A configuration example is shown below. For the configuration contents of provider class, refer to Javadoc of the implementation class MessagingProvider .

<!-- Message context management handler-->
<component class="nablarch.fw.messaging.handler.MessagingContextHandler">
  <property name="messagingProvider" ref="messagingProvider" />

<!-- Provider class -->
<component name="messagingProvider"
  <!-- Property configuration is omitted -->